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Bodybuilding Prep Coach - Paid Monthly

Bodybuilding Prep Coach - Paid Monthly

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     Over time I have built a community - The Armstrong Empire, that you are also joining.  This is bigger then just me, this is your team mates, your community, your support team.  There is more value here then I could have ever expected, we all have things to teach each other, and I love the individual input you all can add to the team! 

     If you are local - I would love to have you come into my gym - Rare Breed Fitness, and we can discuss options in person, but I also handle a majority of my client work onliine and across the country.  This does not change any end result, and if we do not meet initially, we can do our best to meet up at some point throughout our journey. 

     Price is for the first initial month, which includes a daily training & off day diet revolved around foods you like to eat, as well as a daily training workout plan. Weekly check ins & excellent communication is a must. I only want to work with WINNERS.  If you have to second guess yourself here - this may not be for you.  

*1 time initial sign up fee of $500 - which includes your first month & putting your plan together. After the first 30 days, a monthly fee of $225 is required. 

**Prep clients fee increases to $250 the last 2 months leading up to the event due to extra workload. This includes posing, help with registration & tanning, and anything else you’ll need to get across the stage comfortably & confidently. 

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