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Lifestyle Client - non competitive coaching - paid monthly

Lifestyle Client - non competitive coaching - paid monthly

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This is a slightly less aggressive approach then what I run my athletes at, but I expect the SAME AMOUNT OF EFFORT from you!! 

This is an online approach, I expect weekly check ins and full communication throughout the week.  

Where we remove some of the prep mindset - we replace it with more day to day balance of some free meals with family, a strong work / family / personal time balance, as well as any additional health, supplements, vitamins, diet & training protocol revolved around your lifestyle.  

This includes a daily training & off day diet revolved around foods you like to eat, as well as a daily training workout plan. Weekly check ins & excellent communication is a must. I only want to work with WINNERS.  If you have to second guess yourself here - this may not be for you.  

$500 sign up fee, $200 monthly. 

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